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I have known Matt for many years, and when I met Melissa the first time at a Christmas party, I knew he had hit the jackpot. Matt and Melissa's story began at work. They met there, became friends, and over time grew closer. They dated a year and a half before getting engaged. Matt proposed to Melissa during the Christmas season so that they could celebrate with both our families. Six months later, on June 23, 2018, they were married at Cardwell Manor in Sevierville, Tennessee.

When most people think of Sevierville and the Smoky Mountain area, they think of log cabins and black bears. Cardwell Manor is very different from that. Built between 1899-1902, Cardwell Manor is an example of a beautiful Queen-Anne style home. The property was purchased in June 2017 by the mother-daughter team of Teresa Winstead and Amanda White. It is one of the area's newest wedding venues, and one that should be considered if planning a wedding.

Matt and Melissa's wedding day was perfect.  It was a hot day; but with the low humidity (!!) and a strong breeze, it was one of the most pleasant outdoor summer weddings I have ever photographed.  The wedding  was in the front yard and reception was outside under the permanent tent atop beautiful decking with the house in the background. The grounds at Cardwell Manor were wonderfully landscaped with blooming flower beds and beautiful old trees. The decor and centerpieces were antique-inspired which complemented the style of the house. 

As you look through these pictures, please don't miss the ones of Melissa's dad walking her down the aisle.  He has a history of being emotional, and I was told he completely fell apart at her sister's wedding.  He didn't disappoint at Matt and Melissa's wedding.

Congratulations, Matt and Melissa!  What a great day it was!!



Venue:  Cardwell Manor

Coordinating/Decor:  Cardwell Manor

Cake: Publix

Catering: Bistro 109

Wedding Dress:  White Lace and Promises

Photography:  Suzanne McNeil Photography



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Allen and Kim - Historic Southern Railway Station The Historic Southern Railway - Knoxville, Tennessee

Allen and Kim met on a ski lift in Lake Tahoe while he was visiting a mutual friend.  A few months later, he finished grad school, loaded his belongings in the car, and drove across the country to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Allen and Kim became fast friends, doing every adventure you can think of together.  A year later, he asked Kim to go on a date and picked her up wearing nice clothes and took her to a fancy dinner which was very different for their previous group mountain biking hang-outs.  Fast forward eight months, Allen asked Kim to marry him on top of a mountain overlooking the Bay, and she said YES!

I have known Kim's family for a number of years, and when her mom, Trina, first talked to me about wedding photography, I asked her if she was sad that Kim had found her future husband in California, assuming he was from that area of the country.  She excitedly said, "No!  He's from North Carolina!"  Maybe one day they will trek back across the country.

Allen and Kim chose to come back to the East Coast for their wedding.  They chose the beautiful venue, The Historic Southern Railway, in Knoxville's Old City.  Although the views from the Railway are beautiful, Kim and Allen wanted some green in their wedding pictures.  Allen and Kim are huge outdoor people, and so I promised her that we would find green!  That we did!

One thing I loved about Allen and Kim's wedding was the closeness of both sides of their families.  Allen is one of four sibling with three sisters while Kim is a twin to Brett and has younger twin siblings, also. The care and joy that both families brought to the table was obvious.  Also, Kim and Allen are such FUN people!  We had a great time doing lots of silly pictures included a "First Look" with the guys.  So FUN!  Also SQUARE DANCING!  Table were pushed back and the DJ called square dancing.  

Congratulations Allen and Kim!  I was thrilled to be your wedding photographer!   I hope married life is treating you well!


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Samuel and Morgan's Engagement Session ​​​​​​

I am typically not an over-the-top emotional person, but when Morgan and I had lunch together to talk about her future with Samuel, I cried....right there in the restaurant.  You see, I have known Samuel since before he ever was. His mom and I have been best friends for most of our adult lives.  I saw him in ultrasounds; I sat outside the door when he took his first breath.  Ok, I will stop.  Needless to say, tears seemed appropriate since Samuel is my honorary nephew.

I will fast forward before I cry again.  The three of us explored the trails at the beautiful Ijams Nature Center which is were Samuel and Morgan went on one of their first dates.  I love that Downtown Knoxville has this amazing nugget of urban wilderness!  To say that I am looking forward to their December wedding is a bit of an understatement.  Thank you, Samuel and Morgan, for entrusting me with this task of being your wedding photographer.  I promise to wear waterproof mascara on your wedding day.  


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Chad and Anna - Lighthouse Knoxville  

The Lighthouse Event Center - Knoxville, Tennessee

Chad and Anna met at Barley's in Knoxville's Old City over pizza and beers.  Fast forward three years.  In the company of of their families and closest friends, they married at The Lighthouse Event Center in Knoxville.  They had hoped for an outside ceremony, but the late spring weather didn't look promising.  The decision was made to bring the ceremony inside, but because The Lighthouse Event Center is well equipped for indoor and outdoor ceremonies, all was perfect. It was a beautiful day with amazing food, great music and bright spring flowers.  Days after their wedding, Chad and Anna packed up all their worldly possessions and moved into their new house in Nashville, Tennessee. Congratulations, Chad and Anna!  


Venue/Catering: The Lighthouse Event Center

Flowers: Echelon Florist

Cake: Magpies Bakers

Hair and Make-up:  Stunning by Rachel

Photography:  Suzanne McNeil Photography

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Macy and Davis - The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farms

The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farms - Knoxville, Tennessee

Although Macy and Davis both went to the same high school, they didn’t meet until several years after high school.  Davis graduated and headed off to the University of Tennessee Chattanooga to play golf.  While Macy stayed around Knoxville to study at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.  In the summer of 2015, Davis had graduated from college and returned to Knoxville.  Thankfully, a mutual friend felt Macy and Davis needed to meet and introduced them that summer.  Soon after, they went on their first date to Tupelo Honey and then to a local rooftop pub where they talked under twinkling lights.  Less than two week later, they were an official couple.

When Davis knew he was ready to propose, he wanted to go back to the Market Square area in Downtown Knoxville to pop the question to Macy.  On July 3, 2017, as they were walking around enjoying the evening, Davis reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring and proposed.  Macy was speechless.  Eventually, she was able to answer him with a resounding, “Of course I will marry you!” 

Macy and Davis live in Arizona which could have made wedding planning very difficult.  However, they chose a venue, The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farms, which helps brides along the way with their planning. This, along with help from local family members, made planning more manageable from a long distance. 

Their Thursday wedding day brought bright sun and gorgeous weather!  Macy and her girls we treated like queens by Southern Belle Beauty as they had their hair and make-up done.  Once I arrived at the Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farms, I was taken aback at hour beautiful the reception area looked.  There we so many special touches and the flowers by Swank Floral were amazing!

Everything went off without a hitch!  Thank you Macy and Davis for including me in your wedding day!  It was quite an honor to watch your day unfold as you became husband and wife!


Venue - The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm

Florals - Swank Floral and Interiors

Hair and Make-up - Southern Belle Beauty

DJ - Sam from Ogle Entertainment

Catering - Dead End BBQ

Wedding Dress - White Lace and Promises

Photographer - Suzanne McNeil Photography



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2017 Weddings in Review 2017 was amazing!  I met so many amazing couples and visited some fabulous venues and vendors!  Thank you to all the newlyweds who entrusted their wedding photographs to me.  It was quite an honor to be your photographer!


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2016 Weddings in Review 2016 was a banner year for me!  I shot more weddings this year than ever and have already booked significantly more weddings for next year than I had booked at this time last year. I spread my wings this year traveling to Murfreesboro for an engagement session and wedding, to Sewanee, Tennessee and to Louisville, Kentucky for weddings.   Here are my favorite shots from each wedding I did in 2016.  


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Kirsten and Kenny's Wedding Day - Country Manor Acres - Knoxville Wedding Photographer I don’t know about you but when I get an out of state call, I hesitate to answer.  Usually it is a marketing call or spammer.  However, being a small business owner, I have to answer them.  I was so glad I answered the random call from New England last spring  Kirsten and Kenny were having a destination wedding in Townsend and were interested in my services.  After a good conversation and maybe even a Facetime meeting (which I do often with prospective brides who life out of town), Kirsten and Kenny decided I was their wedding photographer. 

They came into town from coastal North Carolina, where they resided, to do their engagement session at their wedding venue, Country Manor Acres.  As we roamed all around the property for pictures, I got to know them and became more and more excited for their October wedding day. They were so much fun to be around and very obviously in love.

The wedding rolled around and was one of the most amazing and funnest weddings I have participated in.  I like to allow couples to tell their own stories about how they met, got engaged and specifics about their day.  I hope you enjoy Kirsten and Kenny’s perspective on their wedding day!

When and where did you guys meet?

Kirsten:  I was lucky enough to be stationed in Wilmington for two months during my primary care rotation while I was a student in PA school. I met Kenny during this time, and we continued to date long distance while I traveled around the rest of NC, finishing out my studies. After I graduated, I couldn’t wait to find a job closer to Wilmington, and closer to Kenny!!


What were your first impressions of each other?

Kirsten: I thought he was hilarious, charming, and of course, very handsome!!

Kenny: Words really can’t describe it…I just instantly felt drawn to her and somehow already connected.

Tell me about the day Kenny proposed.

Kirsten: He first took me out to our favorite seafood restaurant on the water, the same place he took me on our first date. Dinner was awesome, as it always is there, and the weather was perfect that night. He then casually suggested going for a walk along the beach after. He took me to a stretch of beach where we actually had our first kiss! It was here he dropped to one knee and asked me that little question I’d been waiting for him to ask me for SO long!! It was so romantic, and perfect in every way!!

Why did you decide to have a destination wedding? What challenges came with doing that?!

Kirsten:  We both put a lot of weight into the location of our wedding, and really wanted to pick just the right spot to start off our marriage with good vibes and good fortune!! If we had chosen Connecticut, where I’m originally from, it would have really only been meaningful to me. And if we chose North Carolina, where he’s lived the majority of his life, it was in the same way mostly only meaningful to him. And so it was, our first big compromise as a couple, to come up with a location that was equally meaningful to both of us. We had been to Tennessee for the first time together, on a spontaneous birthday trip a couple years ago. We both remember that trip as being one of the best we’d had together, and we remembered the beauty of the Smoky Mountains as unprecedented. The very moment we drove onto Country Manor Acres property, with its rolling 50+ farm acres and picturesque view of the mountains, we both just instantly felt that we had found our venue!

Doing a destination wedding of course had many challenges! We couldn't meet with our vendors very easily, and had to rely heavily on online reviews. But I have to say our vendors were all so amazing and so willing to work with us, even from 8 hours away! It was just another reason we love Tennessee so much—the people there are amazing! If we had to do it again, we wouldn’t have changed a thing!!

Kirsten, tell me about your wedding dress:

Kirsten: I bought my wedding dress from a boutique in Westerly, RI, called “Melissa Ashley Brides.” Both my mother and maid of honor helped me pick it out earlier this year when I had come home to visit. It was actually the very first thing I had purchased for the wedding, before we even had our venue location or wedding date picked out….I was that excited about this dress! The weird thing was, it actually was nothing like what I had in mind! It was one of those things, where I tried it on, and instantly fell in love with it, and still am! I wish i could wear it every day!

What one moment of your wedding day sticks out as your favorite moment for each of you?

Kirsten: Hmm…That’s a really hard question! I think it may have been going around the property taking our pictures together! My heart was just so bursting with love and excitement, and it felt like a very special time we shared together. !

Kenny: I really couldn’t really pick just one moment, it was all perfect!!

What was the most emotional moment of your wedding day?

Kirsten: For me, it was walking down the aisle with my Dad, seeing Kenny’s handsome face, and knowing my life was about to be forever changed for the better!!

Kenny: Our vows, definitely.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything?

Kirsten: Only if I could have made it last longer!!!

Kenny: Not a thing.

How are things going now that you have been married for a few weeks?!

Kirsten: I feel like I am living a dream still, and am very, very blessed to have such an amazing husband to spend the rest of my life with!!

Kenny: Things are going great.  We’re looking forward to finding a house, a boat, and planning another vacation together just like our honeymoon!


Knoxville Wedding Photographer - Suzanne McNeil Photography

Venue -  Country Manor Acres

Flowers - Melissa Timm Designs

Catering - Bradford Catered Events

Band - Jeff Jopling Band

Bridal Boutique - Melissa Ashley Bride 

Cake - Family

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Brad and Margaret's Engagement Session - Ijams Nature Center As my fall sessions are starting to wind down, I wanted to share some of my favorites from Brad and Margaret's Engagement Session take at Ijams Nature Center in Downtown Knoxville.  If you haven't visited Ijams before, it's a "must see" place.  Check out their website to see more.

Brad and Margaret are getting married next summer in Knoxville.  I'm excited about their downtown wedding.  They traveled to Knoxville from Nashville for their engagement session.  

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Nick and Sarah's Engagement Session I wanted to share my favorites from Nick and Sarah's Engagement Session a couple of weeks ago.  Because their wedding venue, Country Manor Acres, is in the mountains, they decided they'd like to have a more urban feel to their engagement session.  We headed to Downtown Maryville, Tennessee.  The park there has such a great variety for picture spots.  From bridges and tunnels to vintage advertisements painted on wall, it's all there! 

I'm looking forward to their wedding day coming up in March.  They have some fun things planned for their reception!  Can't wait to photograph their day.  Thanks Nick and Sarah for entrusting me to shoot your wedding!

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Knoxville Wedding Photographer - Cedar Pond Farms - Daniel and Haley              Daniel and Haley have known each other since they were babies.  They grew up in the same church.  When she was ten years old, Haley was very quick to realize that she had a crush on Daniel.  She found herself “stalking” Daniel and drawing pictures of them together as a couple.  When they were in their early teens, their church group headed to the beach where Daniel finally asked for Haley’s number.  (Come to find out, Daniel had had a crush on Haley for a while.)  They started officially dating a week later, and as Haley puts it, “We’ve been stuck together like glue!”

Six years later while back at the beach, Daniel proposed to Haley.  Daniel acted like they were doing down to the beach for pictures, but he had other plans!  He told a family member that he was going to propose and had her change from camera to video to capture the whole special moment!

To help with all the planning and "day of" coordination, Daniel and Haley hired the Margaret Claire's Wedding and Events.  I had never worked with the ladies at Margaret Claire's before, and let me tell ya, they do an amazing job!  Lindsey spent the entire day with Haley and her crew making sure everything was perfect and went off with out a hitch.  Another fun thing about the wedding was that Daniel and Haley's wedding was the first event in the brand new barn at Cedar Pond Farms.  What a gorgeous place!

When shopping for her dress, Haley tried on dress after dress, but her mind was still on the one she found at David’s Bridal early on. “I was in the dressing room when my mom picked my dress out and brought it to me. I saw it in the bag and loved it. I had family and friends with me at David's Bridal that actually hated the dress. My mom just laughed (at our friends/family) and said that she knows what I like (and brought the dress to me).”  After several trips to different bridal shops, Haley returned and snatched it up! (Side note – Haley’s dress was gorgeous.  I loved the bottom of her dress and the blush undertones! It photographed beautifully!)

"Things are going great now that we are married, but I'm not sure it has completely sunk in yet considering I catch myself still calling Daniel my boyfriend. Jamaica was awesome, and the most fun we have ever had. I wish we could have stayed there for 6 months!"  

Overall, it was a wonderful day!  The vendors made this day amazing!  There were so many people who made this wedding possible.  Check out the list of vendors at the end of this post.  Congratulations Daniel and Haley!  Many, many more years!!


Knoxville Wedding Photographer – Suzanne McNeil Photography

Venue – Cedar Pond Farm

Wedding Planning/Coordinating – Margaret Claire’s Weddings and Events

Flowers – Cachepot Floral Garden

Catering – Buddy’s BBQ

DJ – Keith Smith

Hair – Sarah Darden

Make-Up – Jesse Rucker


Cake – Jessica Childress 

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Mark and Amanda - Downtown Knoxville Engagement Session The first time I met Mark and Amanda, I was hooked.  Both of them are so much fun!  I was thrilled when they decided to hire me to shoot their carnival themed wedding next May.  Yes....I said carnival theme.  That theme suits them very well.  I am certain their wedding day won't disappoint.  

For their engagement session we decided to meet in Downtown Knoxville.  The Downtown area is such a perfect location for any photo session because there is so much variety to be found.  Mark, Amanda, and I roamed and found some perfect spots!  They were adventuresome which made it an all-around fun time!  

I'm counting down the days until their May wedding!  I'm secretly hoping for cotton candy punch and fried Twinkies!  Enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement session.



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Adam and Brianna - Engagement Session - Downtown Knoxville Although Adam and Brianna have relocated to Chattanooga, part of their heart is still her in Knoxville.  They have having their wedding here at The Standard in the Old City.  So naturally, they wanted to do their engagement pictures here, too.  We met bright and early on the Sunday morning to capture the morning light.  Who knew that Downtown Knoxville was so quiet on a Sunday morning that you could sit in the middle of Gay Street?  I may have laid down in the middle of the road for some shots.  Adam and Brianna's wedding day is planned for late April.  I'm excited to be with them on their big day!  Congratulations!!

Knoxville Wedding Photographer - Suzanne McNeil

Knoxville Wedding Venue - The Standard

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Luis and Janelle's Wedding Day I love for couples to share their own story.  Janelle and Luis' love story unfolds at a birthday party.

Janelle:  "We met at my house. My parents had invited his parents for my birthday, and that's when we first saw each other. He was too shy to talk to me so he looked me up on Facebook and send me a message while we were in the same house!"


Luis:  "When I first saw her I was attracted to her.  She seemed very smart, which she is and she was very beautiful. She seemed like the person who didn't care what people would think.  She also seem very shy."


Janelle: "My first impression of Luis was that he was very handsome, but he seemed kind of stuck up! But once I started talking to him, he was very sweet and kind."


Janelle:  "My favorite moment of our wedding day was when we said our vows. I wasn't nervous at all, and I knew that there were so many people watching us but when we stood up to say our vows, everyone else disappeared and it was only me and him looking at each other. It was a beautiful moment."


Luis:  "The part that I loved the most was our vows because we said it to each other without reading of the paper I feel like that made it more special."

Janelle: "The most emotional moment of the wedding was when the choir played one of our songs towards the end of the ceremony. The lyrics of the song describe our relationship, and he was the one who chose it for that day."


Luis: "For me was the time the choir sang the song I had chosen called Tu me cambiaste la Vida by Rio Roma. I felt like I was singing that for her because it talks about how she changed his life and that she is the sun that brightened his life and his future. Janelle did that to me. She made me see the beautiful things about love."



Janelle: “Now that we're married, everything seems more real. We have conversations about a house, and all the things we plan on doing. Our relationship seems invincible now, and I love to call him my husband!”


Luis: “It feels amazing...everything feels real now. I love coming home to my wife every day, and I love calling her my wife. I love wearing the ring that represents our vows. And the reason why we got married.”


Congratulations, you two!! 


Knoxville Wedding Photographer:  Suzanne McNeil Photography

Knoxville Reception Venue/Catering/Cake:  Rothchild Events and Catering

Flowers:  Always in Bloom

Choir:  Monte Carlo Medellin





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Time to Book!

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Austin and Victoria's Wedding Day - Knoxville Botanical Gardens Victoria and Austin's Love Story in their Own Words


Victoria moved across the country to Tennessee in January 2013. This critical decision was made by narrowing down the absolute best forensic anthropology schools in the country down to just a few, and thankfully, she chose Tennessee over many others. Enrolling in Spring 2013 classes, she would have no idea what life in Knoxville would look like, let alone what the people would be like. However, encouragement from her family to pursue her dreams of studying at The Body Farm at UT pushed Victoria to live in Knoxville despite not knowing anyone in the city, or the state of Tennessee.

Austin's family decided that life after some twenty years in the Air Force warranted some peace and quiet in the foothills of Appalachia. The Martin family left Tampa Bay and arrived in Tennessee almost a decade ago. After receiving a full Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship to the university of Tennessee for a Civil Engineering degree, Austin came to Knoxville in Fall of 2011.


The Spring 2013 semester saw both of our travelling hearts enrolled at the same university, a university of 27,410 students that is. The University of Tennessee is by no means, a small school. With Victoria in Anthropology, ankle deep in cadavers, and Austin's similarly busy with concrete forming, the odds of two students running into each other is small.

Enter Bill Dean's Geology 101  course. Somehow it panned out that Austin and Victoria would both register for this GenEd course and also the required lab class. As the first few weeks passed they began talking and walking to and from class together. Before long they had their first date at a little coffee shop nearby.

(Although Austin has no recollection of this, Victoria remembers actually meeting Austin even earlier in the semester. She was on the phone with her sister, Kristin, discussing how her first week of school was going on her walk home from class one day when she saw a guy holding a puppy. She told Kristin to hold on a second and she said hello to the puppy and the cute guy -who was actually Austin. He told her that he had just found this dog roaming around and was trying to establish who it belonged to. Victoria wished him good luck and walked away telling Kristin how cute both the puppy and the guy were. When they met later in Geology, Victoria couldn't tell if Austin had been the guy with the puppy or not. She ended up asking him if he ever found a lost dog on campus on one of their early dates. Turns out it had been him all along.)

We chose the Knoxville Botanical Gardens because we wanted a venue outside and in Knoxville. We looked at other places but the Botanical Gardens had more to offer us for our money: gorgeous scenery outside, a brand new elegant building for the reception, plus lots of chairs and tables (and even some decorations) included in the package! We couldn’t believe we could afford such a beautiful venue.

The most emotional moment of my wedding day was when I was walking down the aisle. Obviously that’s not something I do on a regular basis so it was very nerve racking. But as I walked, I made eye contact with all of our family and friends and they had such happy faces that I stopped worrying about all the trivial things like if my steps were in time with the music and how sweaty my hands were. I just focused on them and and felt at awe to have so many people’s love and support. Then I walked past the front row where my mom and sister were sitting and they had happy tears welling up in their eyes and I totally almost lost it. I wanted to stop and hug them but I had to steel myself and walk a few more steps. Luckily, Austin's eyes caught mine and I knew I had made it.


I think my favorite moment was when we finally shared our vows with each other. We had been working on them for a while and Austin was dead-set on not sharing them with each other until the ceremony. I, on the other hand, desperately wanted to know what his said. Then, the night before the wedding, we put them in the same book and it took everything in me not to peek. It was worth the wait though. They were so beautifully written they took my breath away.





We rescued Basil from Young Williams last May when she was three months old. She was dropped off there by someone (we don’t know who or why) but she was only there for three days when we signed the papers. Since then she hasn’t gone a day without a snuggle, a toy, or a snack. She loves meeting new friends, learning new tricks and playing fetch. We love her so much and are so happy she could be a part of our wedding day.

Congratulations, you two!!


Knoxville Wedding Photography: Suzanne McNeil Photography    

Venue:  Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum

Wedding Dress:  David's Bridal    

Wedding Cakes:  Blackbird Bakery

Fried Pies:  Dale's Fried Pies

Ice Cream:  Cruze Farm

Flowers:  Abloom Florist

Succulents: Market Square Farmers' Market

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Brandon and Morgan - The Lighthouse, Knoxville, Tennessee I love all weddings! However, when the bride is a special person to me, I get weepy thinking about it. I met Morgan when she was one of my students at Halls Elementary. Anyone who knew Morgan at that age would quickly agree that she was the such a sweet, kind and petite girl. Fast forward a few years to high school. Brandon and Morgan met during their freshman year at Halls High School when they found themselves in the same English class. Brandon though Morgan was cute and innocent while Morgan noticed Brandon's "beautiful blue eyes" under his shy disposition. After dating for several years, Brandon decided to propose to Morgan in Panama City Beach, Florida while on vacation with her family. All of Brandon's ideas (going to a special pier where Luke Bryan filmed a video) were scrapped when Morgan got sick early in the week. On the very last evening of their vacation, he convinced a sick Morgan to go down to the beach at sunset for pictures. Morgan said, "He asked me to do the pose where he gets down on one knee and I sit on the other leg that's propped up and then when we got done taking picture, I got up to see how it turned out to find him still down on one knee with a ring box in his hand." The rest was history!

I always love to hear more about a bride's dress...why she chose a particular dress, etc. Morgan said that her wedding dress was a taffeta A-Line silhouette with a Sweetheart Neckline from David's Bridal. It was the 3rd dress that she tried. She only tried it on because her granny loved it. That particular silhouette was not the look was going for. However, she quickly fell in love the beautiful intricate beading detail all over the dress and veil!



I asked Morgan about how she was doing emotionally on her wedding day. Morgan said, "I'm so thankful for how I felt on the wedding day. I definitely had God's peace with me the whole day and was so calm and excited. The bridesmaids started getting emotional before walking down the aisle, and I was the one calming them down. The most emotional moment of the wedding day for me was walking down the aisle to see the room packed with everyone we love and care for most that were there just to support us on our big day. There was just so much love in that room, and I could feel it. Also, seeing Brandon for the first look was pretty emotional, too, because I was just soooo excited."




Photography: Suzanne McNeil Photography

Venue/Food: The Lighthouse Event Center

Wedding Dress: David's Bridal

Hair: Ashlond Fraker

Makeup: Chesni Ballanger

Wedding Cake: Publix

Flowers: Jimbo's Central City Florist

Videography: Good Focus

Photobooth: Gigglebox

Drapery: Above the Rest


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Caleb and Laurence's Wedding Day - Sewanee Wedding/Chapel of the Apostles Laurence and Caleb were married on the Mountain.  I had never been to the "Mountain" before, but I every time I told someone I was going to Sewanee, they said...."Ah, the Mountain."  Don't get me wrong.  I love mountains.  Living 40 minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I've been to the mountains often. I was skeptical.  However, Sewanee's Mountain is with a capital M. It is a gorgeous place! The University of the South is on the Mountain and a much beloved place by alumni and students.  As you browse my favorite images from the day, you will see quotes from Laurence about her wedding day.  Enjoy!  She is excellent with words and an all-around fun person to be around.  You won't want to miss the information about her wedding dress.  

"That wedding dress is my mom's from 1972. Muna in Nashville re-did the dress. All of the lace used is from Mom's original dress. The bodice and front panel of the dress are new - an Italian silk Muna had. Nothing was changed about the train except that Muna added a French bustle. She had mom sign her name and put her wedding date in pencil on the train of the dress, and she embroidered that with ivory thread. I signed the inside of the dress with my maiden name and my wedding date, and she embroidered that in blue. We designed the shape of the top of the dress together over weeks of meeting and pinning. I hadn't see it fully put together until the day of the wedding. We had a final fitting of sorts, but I never put it on again after her final pinnings. The lace is a French lace - she identified it by the lashes on the lace that were attached by hand. The veil she made from scratch from one of the sleeves of mom's dress."

"Caleb and I  met at Sewanee, summer before our junior year. We were both on the Mountain participating as leaders in Freshman Pre-Orientation through the Sewanee Outing Program. I had never laid eyes on Caleb before and thought he was a Russian - he had long, blonde hair, and he was living in the Russian house. A mutual friend of ours was staying with him until that friend was headed abroad to Italy, and I asked him how he knew the Russian? That's when I found out Caleb was not from Russia, but rather, from Wilkesboro, NC."

Caleb proposed to me at Sewanee, on the Perimeter Trail. The Perimeter Trail is about 22 miles, and he hadn't hiked it since we were undergrads. I stress-fractured my fibula training for a half marathon a year before, though, so seven miles in, I told him to go on without me, and I'd see him at Shenanigans when he finished. He said he was fine not getting to hike the entire thing, but could I just make it to Dotson Point? I couldn't, so we cut down a fire-lane that landed us at 5 points and King's Farm. King's Farm is the first house ever built in that area, although all that remains is a huge wolf-Maple tree. He stopped on the pretense that he didn't want to have to carry back an Arnold Palmer can of tea, and I started reading the label (typical), and I turned around asking him, "Did you know there's 4% pear juice in this thing?" to find him on one knee. He jokes about giving me something shiny to distract me - works every time. We didn't make it to the beautiful lookout, but I like our story all the same.

"There was never a question of anywhere else. I'm not even sure we talked about it. The night we were engaged, Caleb booked us a hotel room at the Sewanee Inn, and on the way out the next morning, I asked for info regarding having a reception at the Inn. That's about the extent of the conversation we had on location...."

Laurence and Caleb were married at The Chapel of the Apostles which is the chapel used for the seminary located at the school.  Their wedding was only the third one that has ever taken place there. Because the chapel is used by the seminary for instruction as well as worship, no one was able to more or rearrange the chairs.  Thus creating a cozy, intimate feel to the ceremony.  

I asked Laurence what her favorite part of the day was:  "That's terribly difficult! I couldn't have asked for a better support crew, from my girls coming with me to frost the wedding cake, to helping hang lanterns, to our best man surprising me in his dress blues (he told me they weren't going to arrive in time), to being surrounded in our service by all these faces that we knew so intimately, to a great band and dancing - I only wish it had lasted longer. Oh, and the Sewanee police officer didconcede and turn on his lights and siren for a brief moment as we tore down University Avenue."


Laurence is certainly a go-getter.  She made her own wedding cake and arranged all the flowers for the wedding and rehearsal.  Did I mention that she made pottery gifts for her bridesmaids?  She's amazing!

Thanks Caleb and Laurence! I had an amazing weekend in Sewanee!  I enjoyed everyone moment getting know you and your friends and family. Very best wishes!!



Photography - Suzanne McNeil Photography

Event Location - Sewanee - The University of the South

Catering - Sewanee Catering

Wedding Dress Alteration and Reconstruction - Muna Couture

Flowers - Laurence Hawkins

Wedding Cake - Laurence Hawkins




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Brock and Rachel's Wedding - Oaklands Mansion I have a tough time narrowing down my favorite images from weddings. There are just so many to choose from. Brock and Rachel's Wedding was no different. Oaklands Mansion is so incredibly gorgeous!  Inside and Out!  I love history and touring the inside of this home was amazing. Please stop by and visit if you are ever in Murfreesboro. 

A Mid-May morning tried to throw a curve in Brock and Rachel's wedding day.  The sky looked like it could open up with rain at any time.  However, I only remember feeling a couple of sprinkles! By the time we did bride and groom formals, it was a gorgeous day!

Congratulations Brock and Rachel! It was quite an honor to be the one to capture your day!  I wish you much joy and happiness as you begin your life together!

Photography: Suzanne McNeil Photography

Venue: : Oaklands Mansion

Flowers: Lavender Blue Wedding & Event Designs

Catering: Goodness Gracious Cafe and Catering

Wedding Cake: Jo's Custom Cakes and Catering

Wedding Dress Shop: The White Room Murfreesboro

Doughnuts: Donut Country

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Bill and Avery's Wedding Day Bill and Averys late winter wedding felt more like a lovely spring day.Their ceremony took places at the gorgeous Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Old North Knoxville and their reception was at Southern Railway Station in the Old City. Thanks to my friend, Emilee, for second shooting with me.








Knoxville Wedding Photographer - Suzanne McNeil Photography

Ceremony Location - Holy Ghost Catholic Church

Reception Venue - Southern Railway Station

Catering and Wedding Cakes - Rosa's Catering

Hair - Southern Root Salon

Make-up - About the Face Make-up

Florist - McLemore Florist

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