Luis and Janelle's Wedding Day

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I love for couples to share their own story.  Janelle and Luis' love story unfolds at a birthday party.

Janelle:  "We met at my house. My parents had invited his parents for my birthday, and that's when we first saw each other. He was too shy to talk to me so he looked me up on Facebook and send me a message while we were in the same house!"


Luis:  "When I first saw her I was attracted to her.  She seemed very smart, which she is and she was very beautiful. She seemed like the person who didn't care what people would think.  She also seem very shy."


Janelle: "My first impression of Luis was that he was very handsome, but he seemed kind of stuck up! But once I started talking to him, he was very sweet and kind."


Janelle:  "My favorite moment of our wedding day was when we said our vows. I wasn't nervous at all, and I knew that there were so many people watching us but when we stood up to say our vows, everyone else disappeared and it was only me and him looking at each other. It was a beautiful moment."


Luis:  "The part that I loved the most was our vows because we said it to each other without reading of the paper I feel like that made it more special."

Janelle: "The most emotional moment of the wedding was when the choir played one of our songs towards the end of the ceremony. The lyrics of the song describe our relationship, and he was the one who chose it for that day."


Luis: "For me was the time the choir sang the song I had chosen called Tu me cambiaste la Vida by Rio Roma. I felt like I was singing that for her because it talks about how she changed his life and that she is the sun that brightened his life and his future. Janelle did that to me. She made me see the beautiful things about love."



Janelle: “Now that we're married, everything seems more real. We have conversations about a house, and all the things we plan on doing. Our relationship seems invincible now, and I love to call him my husband!”


Luis: “It feels amazing...everything feels real now. I love coming home to my wife every day, and I love calling her my wife. I love wearing the ring that represents our vows. And the reason why we got married.”


Congratulations, you two!! 


Knoxville Wedding Photographer:  Suzanne McNeil Photography

Knoxville Reception Venue/Catering/Cake:  Rothchild Events and Catering

Flowers:  Always in Bloom

Choir:  Monte Carlo Medellin






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